Schedule Coming Soon

So, like I said in my update post I’m going to get a schedule for my blog posts and here it is….

I will be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (Cross your fingers.)

Monday will be MORE Monday meaning anything besides makeup and fashion. Makeup, Fashion And >More< OH MY

Wednesday will be Review Wednesday meaning I will review anything Makeup, Fashion and More. (<– see what I did there)

And last but not least…

Friday will be Random Friday meaning… you guessed it,  a random post. There has to be some surprise for you guys, right?

I will try to start this schedule early/mid November.  I would start it sooner but this week I have to make a cake for  my brothers birthday, some family is coming over and a bunch of other stuff. So, please bare with me. Thanks for reading!





Hello. Sorry it’s been so long I’ve been really busy, but fear not! I’m planing on making  a schedule and I’ll try to do a post a week  (maybe more) when I do make this schedule I’ll post it so you guys know what will be coming every week. And also I ordered a few things from Elf Cosmetics so when thats comes I’ll be doing a post about it and I’ll also be ordering some stuff from BH Cosmetics and Shop Miss A  in about a week (thats when I get paid) So get ready for some fun posts. Well, I think thats it for now.

IMG_6894IMG_6895 Happy Harvest!