MORE Monday •∆• More Painted Coasters 

Hello loves! Like I said in my Painted Coasters post I had some more coasters that I wanted to paint. I did paint a few of them but sadly I didn’t have time this week to paint all of them. Same as the last post I used Apple Barrel Acrylic paint.

So here are the ones I did.

This one is Anna (from Frozen) inspired. I always loved the colors in her main dress.

Now as you can see this one is not finished yet, but it will be. 

Colors used: Black, Bright Magenta, Key West and Cobolt Hue

This one is for my mom she loves pink, black and white.

Colors used: Black, Snow White, Bright Magenta and Pink Eraser mixed with a little bit of Snow White

This one is for my dad.

Colors used: Black and Key West

Those are all the ones I did this week I might make another post when I finish the others.

Thanks for reading.




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