Random Friday •∆• My 14th Birthday Haul

Hey everybody! So I know I said I was going to post this soon and that I was back and I was going to start back up with posts and everything but as you can see that didn’t go as planned… Shortly after I posted my last post a family member passed  away so I was dealing with that and going to the funeral and everything so I didn’t really have time to blog. So anyways let’s get on to the birthday haul!

So my birthday was on June 30th and the main gift I got for my birthday was my rock climbing gear! If you read my Rock Climbing Gear Wish List post you already knew I wanted some gear and I finally got some!

So me and my family had an early birthday celebration with my grandma in St. Louis on the 26th and she got me rock climbing shoes, a harness, a chalk bag and climbing chalk. I’m so happy with all of my gear. I absolutely love it! If you want some more info of the harness and the shoes they were in this post.

Then on my birthday I went to a local coffee shop and got a Chai Tea Latte (THE BEST) and then we went to Taco Bell and ate there for lunch and while we were there my dad gave me a watch.

I love it! Then we looked at some shops and went back home where I watched Finding Nemo.

Never gets old. ❤️❤️ Then I went to my friend’s house and hung out with her for a little. Then her and her family gave me some Ulta gift cards.

Then the next day (July 1) I went to Ulta.



I lose myself when I set foot inside the store. (Every time)

So here’s everything I got:

First thing I got was this little wallet phone case.



I just thought this was so cute. I really like it. It has 4 card slots and a zipper pocket which is great for coins. And of course there is a slot for your phone. I have a iPhone 6s and it fits good.

Then I got some Biore Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips



I’ve always wanted to try these and just never bought them for some reason so I finally got them. I’ve used them a few times already and I love them. They work really well.

Then I got two Revlon Lip Butters


When I started wearing makeup these were the like the only lip products I had (I used them up) and then I started using other products and just kinda forgot about them. These were on sale so I knew I had to get them.

I got one in Strawberry Shortcake


And one in Berry Smoothie.



These are as awesome as I remember. I really like the Berry Smoothie color but they are both really pretty.

Then I got the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge


(My hand looks horrible from rock climbing 😬)  This was my first makeup sponge I got when I stared wearing makeup and it made me fall in love with makeup sponges. I’ve been trying other ones to see if they are better but really nothing compares to this makeup sponge. (Other then maybe the Beauty Blender itself but I’ve never tried that one before) I really think this is the best drugstore makeup sponge out there. If you’re looking for a (really good) makeup sponge get this one!

So that was all I got at Ulta but of course Ulta loves to fill your bag with samples and this trip was no exception. Here are the samples I got:

Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Body Lotion 


img_3189 (1)

Love em!

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation 



Totally fell in love with this foundation. Definitely going on my makeup wish list. (The never-ending wish list)

Philosophy Hope In A Jar Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20


Fell in love with this one too! Another foundation on the makeup  wish list!

And the last thing I got was not a sample but is was free.


Because my birthday was just yesterday when I went I got a birthday present from Ulta/Urban Decay!


I was so excited when I looked in my bag and pulled this out! I’ve never had anything Urban Decay before but I’m definitely hooked now. These pictures don’t do this eyeshadow in Midnight Cowboy justice. It’s so beautiful. I’ve used this eyeshadow just about everyday since I got it.

So then a box arrived at my door from my Aunt and Uncle! She had told me they were sending a box for my birthday but she didn’t tell me what was in it so it was so fun opening  it and finding out what was inside! (And I totally forgot to take pictures of the box and inside so, sorry for that 😁) When I opened the box the first thing you saw was what my Aunt described as the “box filling” but I would call it more like “a boatload of candy”😂



Now on the non-eatable gifts I got:

Sonia Kashuk Knock Out Beauty Weekender (No longer available)


I love this so much! It as lots of pockets and compartments and I really like the size of it not to big not too small. And of course it’s very well made.

Soina Kashuk Knock Out Beauty Brush Set – 12 Piece



These are my new favorite brushes! I always hear about Sonia Kashuk brushes but have never tried them and now that I have I’m totally hooked. Theses also have little encouraging sayings on each of them which is really cute.

Sonia Kashuk Brush and Sponge Cleanser


Haven’t used this a whole lot so I can’t really give you much info. 😅 (Sorry)

Sonia Kashuk Knock Out Beauty Vanity Cup



I just love this print! So cool.

Sonia Kashuk Cosmetic Case (No longer available)

Love it! ❤️❤️

Soina Kashuk Double Zip Clutch (No longer available)

I like that this has two sides to it.As you can see I used it to carry some of my “box filling”. 😂

So that’s about it for my birthday haul. Sorry it took so long to get this up.





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